Why Buy South African?

Buying an Nguni Cowhide Rug adds value to locals' cattle, a key component of one of the strongest (and only growing) economic sectors in South Africa. Farms provide jobs, food, and economic stability in a time when few other industries can. Your purchase from The Nguni Guy of a genuine Nguni Cowhide (or other, locally-sourced hide rug) helps to support hundreds of jobs right here in South Africa.

Other than the obvious support for local economies, buying South African cowhides is a nod towards the environmentally and ecologically conscientious. South Africa is a resource rich country, one that has an abundance of natural plains and farmlands that are utilized for Nguni Cattle. Add to that the Nguni ability to thrive in the thick African thorn- and bushveld, and you see that the commercial production of these cattle is an environmentally friendly practice.

This is in complete contrast to imported cowhides from Equatorial countries that clear vast swaths of forest and other growth in order to make grazing land for their non-native cattle breeds. The worst offender of deforestation practices also happens to be one of the largest exporters of hides; Brazil is the cardinal sin bearer of ecologically destructive practices. One journalist was told by a farmer there that in his first week of agricultural college he learned how to set fire to an acre of rainforest in order to make way for a growing herd. In 2009, a Greenpeace study showed that one hectre of rainforest was being lost to ranches every 18 seconds. And remarkably, despite international opposition to their deforestation practices, they plan to double their output in 2018.