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AAS Grade Nguni Hide 425 (Black/White) (L)

AAS Grade Nguni Hide 425 (Black/White) (L)

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Size: 208 x 179 cm

A black and white speckled Nguni hide is a striking piece of natural art. The deep black base is adorned with playful white speckles, akin to a canvas decorated with elegant brush strokes. The captivating color variation within the black and white adds depth and character, turning it into a dynamic snapshot of the African landscape, perfect for injecting a touch of wild elegance into any space, whether used as a rug, wall hanging, or upholstery. It's a compact celebration of nature's creativity, with a timeless monochrome allure.

 Nguni rugs are very practical to look after and to clean. View our cleaning instructions for more info.

If you'd like to understand how we grade our cow skins, view our grading guidelines.

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