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We offer both a chrome-tanned and a medical-grade sheepskin product. The chrome tanned hides are closer to the natural, whiter colouring of the wool, while medical-grade have a yellow tint to them due to the tanning and treatment processes they go through. Chrome tanned sheepskin need to be hand-washed, whereas medical grade sheepskin can be washed and dried in the machine using our special sheepskin-specific wash/shampoo product.

Our medical-grade sheepskin mats are perfect for anyone with medical or home care needs, as well as for pets and for general heavy use (where frequent washing may be necessary). The medical-grade mats are all roughly 100cm x 70cm and are stitched together to make a lovely rectangular shaped, luxurious sheepskin mat. Our chrome-tanned sheepskin come in the natural shape of the hide and are perfect for a couch, chair, or lounge throw, and are absolutely divine to place by your bedside.

B Grade Sheepskin hides may have a different-than-typical shape to them, a visible paint marker (used by farmers during the lifespan of the animal), or some other “imperfection” to the sheepskin.

Average size of a sheepskin is about 100 x 90cm, but they do vary widely.