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7 Reasons to Own a Cowhide Rug

Why Buy an Nguni Hide? Ask the Experts! 

Advice and information ranging from interior design know-how to cowhide care 

  1. PLEASING AESTHETIC. One of the best reasons is also the simplest: they're beautiful. In additon to their beauty, the natural shape of a cowhide rug cuts the floor in any room, introducing a visual dynamic that no other type of carpet can. The lines of a cowhide’s natural shape take care of one aspect of interior design: softening the hard lines, corners, and edges of any given space in your home.

  2. UNIQUE PATTERN. The unique nature of every cowhide (about as singular as a thumbprint!) and vast array of styles and colors makes for a beautiful addition to any style space. A second goal of interior design is introducing a unique, singularly impactful pattern, that marks the space as its own. Hides easily and naturally do this for almost any space they are in. For more about matching cowhide looks with your style home, see this short article here :

  3. LIGHT CONTROL. Lighten or darken a space naturally with your choice of cowhide color : because of the wide array of patterns and colors available in a cowhide, and especially an Nguni, you can use your hide to lighten, darken, absorb light or boldly stand out based on the needs of your room. Love that light, airy, and open feeling in a space? You can choose to go with a white, cream, or light grey coloured hide that will reflect light in the space and keep that open, bright feeling. 

  4. ADD TEXTURE. Another goal of interior design is to add a unique element of texture (or several!) to a space. With your cowhide purchase, you will be introducing an organic and unique texture to whatever space your hide is in. And don’t let an inferior product fool you; a cowhide should feel soft and almost silky, and our cleaner/treatment product ( can keep that softness for years to come. 

  5. LONGEVITY. The average lifespan of a typical carpet is ONLY 3 - 5 YEARS! A properly treated and expertly tanned cowhide rug like those from The Nguni Guy should last at least double that, and have been known to last up to 20 years when properly cared for. Obviously, wear and tear will depend on the type and volume of traffic in any given space, but you are more likely to grow tired of your hide before it gets tired of you. 

  6. EASY CARE. There is an entire article here on general care advice for your Nguni Cowhide rug, but suffice it to say that any worries you had about looking after your hide are unfounded. Most hides are easier to care for than almost any other type of carpet! Hides are naturally stain resistant, easily cleaned with a broom or a shake, and you often only require a wipe with a damp cloth or sponge for spot cleaning. Combine that with our organic treatment product, and your hide should be soft, supple, and looking great for years and years to come. 

  7. AFFORDABILITY. While cowhides have a very luxurious feel about them, they are, in fact, a very affordable flooring option for your home. When you consider the longevity / lifespan of your hide, its resistance to stain and general wear, and their unique ability to be a feature in any space in your home, a hide is “dollar for dollar” the best choice around.

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