Nguni Cowhide Coloring, Explained

Nguni Cowhide Coloring, Explained

The vast array of colors you can find on Nguni Cattle is truly spectacular.

Black and white pattern combinations are the most readily identifiable and tend to be the boldest looking of all Nguni hides, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. The earthy color variations are too vast to use the most generic names: ‘Brown’ doesn't cut it when there are as many browns to choose from as there are wall paints to choose from in your local Build It.

The Brown and Dun color categories are both wide-ranging, and are further outlined below. An interesting feature of Dun hides are their shine -- while the vast majority of hides will have a silver-like sheen to them, Dun hides can have golden or even bronze reflective properties.

Tricolors tend to be the most expensive and sought-after hides, and can be mesmerizing to look at. People typically associate the Tricolor name as some combination of Black, Brown, and White, but there really is so much more available when you consider the variety of colors available. It is often easy to spot more than 3 distinct color variations in so-called Tricolors.

Here are the basic breakdowns for the two wider ranges of Brown and Dun, which of course have ranges themselves:

Browns: Red, Sandy, Orange, Tan, Chocolate, Chestnut

Duns: Cedar, Mocha, Gray, Golden, Silver, Caramel, Peach

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