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Sheep’s wool is one of Mother Nature’s perfect creations. At The Nguni Guy, we sell Sheepskin Rugs in their natural shape, and offer two types of Sheepskins tanned in slightly different manners to give you either a Chrome tanned, or a Medical Grade finish. When it comes to Sheepskin & wool, there is no other fiber out there like it. Sheep’s wool possesses an unbelievable amount of usefulness and is 100% natural. 

  1. Sheepskin fibers are hollow, making the material incredibly insulating and comfortable in any climate. A natural sheepskin rug will keep your toes nice and warm in winter, and will also be breathable, allowing for a cooling effect in summer.
  2. When sheepskin is in contact with you, it will activate blood circulation in the area, boosting your immune response and supporting regeneration and relaxation throughout your body. Yes, really!
  3. Sheepskins are able to absorb sweat immediately and can wick moisture into the air 7 times faster than any synthetic fiber. 
  4. Sheepskins are dirt / stain / bacteria-resistant, due to the lanolin that naturally occurs in a sheepskin hide (the natural oils provide it with a self-cleaning property that has been widely acknowledged and used for centuries).
  5. Lanolin makes the sheepskin feel incredibly soft and gentle on your skin due to its shared properties with sebum oil, a basic element of human skin.
  6. Sheepskin can actually help to heal inflamed or irritated skin, reducing healing time for rashes and the like.
  7. Sheepskin hides do not give off an electrical charge, so you’ll never be “shocked” by one. The insulating effect of sheepskin fiber allows for an undisturbed release of static electricity.
  8. Sheepskins are washable. While Medical Grade sheepskins can be washed again and again, even a chrome tanned hide will withstand plenty of washings, so long as you follow best practices with your Sheepskin Shampoo (link)
  9. Sheepskins naturally resist snags, tears, wrinkles, and pilling, and it will not shed.
  10. Sheepskin are naturally orthopedic. They can help to reduce muscle fatigue by providing cushioned support that will relieve pressure points, muscle aches, and pains.
  11. BONUS: Sheepskins are fantastic for babies, with Medical Grade hides being used in some hospitals (even supporting neo-natal care and premature growth)! Medical benefits aside, the youngest of our population love the feel of sheepskin and will be kept happy by its many natural benefits.
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